All people are channels!

Many people consider channelling to be something mystical. Nevertheless it is something we do all of us each and every day. All people are channels – in contact with their higher/more subtle bodies – bodies of light. One of those is our Divine soul. Whenever you experience a sublime thought or a bright idea, from where might that come? Well yes it is coming from the Light – your higher consciousness – maybe inspired from your guide or others in the spirit world, helping and inspiring you. 
Even though all people are channels, not all are aware of this. It is a process, an initiation that all human beings must go through on the road of life. Some people, who are ready, feel an urge to learn about channelling, they wish to learn and perhaps try consciously channelling to themselves and others. For these people – maybe you are one? Stjernen (The Star) gives weekend-courses where you can learn channelling in a simple but safe way.
The greatest resistance towards channelling lies in your way of thinking. To practise channelling requires ability to make use of your imagination, to let go and willingly open up as a channel trusting what may come. It really is the easiest and the most difficult thing at the same time according to who you are and to what point you have reached on your own personal journey.
All people can speak with God. All people can speak with the ascended Masters – but not everyone is aware of this fact! Over the times many tried to persuade people that only a few specially chosen have the ability to speak with these sublime beings. Some even tried to explain that you need to have completed a certain amount of initiations before you can speak with God or the Masters. Others again suggest that we better talk to The Masters or God through the angels (the messengers of God) so that we won’t disturb the Masters with our problems. You know, they are so busy. Oh yes, it really is incredible what is said and written.
On behalf of God and all of the ascended Masters I need to tell you, that this is NOT the case.
Many false prophets are around. And even more will come forward. Far back in time this was told and written down. Human beings must learn to distinguish between true and false, light and darkness. That is why both are represented here on Mother Earth!
When Jesus walked on Earth, he chose a small crowd of disciples. These people were not very literate or scribes, they were all ordinary people among whom were some fishermen.
These good people all had an open heart, and a wish to help Jesus and God to spread the word – the message of Love.
Jesus/Sananda is to this day still coming forward to many people, and also today he finds it easier to come to ordinary people, who feel love for other people, for animals and for mother Earth. Many literate people, although they are well-read in the spiritual science, they often show great resistance in opening their hearts. They make quite many detours. They fear the judgement or condemnation from others of what is moving in their hearts. Most often they are very mentally oriented. Among others Sananda have stated, that against the servants of the new world order: prophets/channels, the hardest resistance will emerge from their very own circles: read: spiritual circles. This way we will see how everything is moving in cycles in the universe. In many ways history is repeating itself, but each time mankind completes a round, fortunately progress is made. At this round ongoing right now, all sails are set from the spirit world, in order to raise the level on Earth.
Innumerable angel- and star- people are today incarnated on earth to speed up and ease the passage into the new era: the fifth dimension.
Kuthumi, (formerly John: one of the 12 disciples of Jesus) presented to us 4 cosmic laws dealing with channelling:
1) Preserve your free will
2) You cannot receive anything that is alien to your consciousness
3) Preserve your humility
4) Grade messages and energies, and turn off what is not furthering yours or someone else’s growth process.
Kuthumi is the Master who works a lot with the contact between the physical and the spiritual universe. He is helping the still increasing number of incarnated humans, who are gaining more and more conscious contact to their own soul, and thereby to other souls and guides, Masters, God. These 4 main points are being carefully gone through at the workshops and courses arranged by “Stjernen”, but here are four brief comments:
1) It is important for you to learn to draw the line also in relation to beings from other planes/spirit world. Keep your own self intact. Do not allow yourself to become manipulated.
2) The more knowledge you have, the better channel you become. Therefore make studies of the universal laws. Gather new inspiration. Remember you possess consciousness brought with you from previous lives.
3) Always remember that there is something bigger than you. Do not idolize yourself. You are a channel for the Divine, not God himself.
4) Learn to distinguish and sort out. Learn to ask for protection before you start the actual channelling.
Down the road there are a number of pitfalls that quite many need to fall into as a part of their learning. It is human nature to make mistakes and, well, it does take training to become a master. The ascended Masters too, time and again they have walked the earth in physical bodies, for which reason they are particularly qualified to cooperate and help us to the extent that they have permission.
The most efficient way to learn channelling is practising and training together with other people, to practise different kinds of techniques on meditation and focus, to be confirmed by other people. It is NOT possible to learn by reading. It simply needs to be tried out in practice, by far best in a group, and having a teacher at hand for a start. If you from reading this feel like trying your skills for channelling, you have a good opportunity to do so by joining the week-end course “Channelling, part one” arranged by Stjernen. At this course you will first and foremost learn to channel your own soul and your guide, channelling to other people. Later on if you like you can join our more extensive courses where you will get the opportunity to exercise channelling for a group of people.
Many people asked me if channelling and clairvoyance is in fact the same thing. To this I have to say no. When we were born we had the skills for both. The animals have great clairvoyance skills; they see and hear beings that most humans are unable to. They simply look into other planes – into the astral world. Most young children see aura, as well as they also are able to look into the astral plane. To the category of clairvoyance also belongs clairaudience and empathy, all are at the same level. Channelling is really drawing on a higher energy from a higher plane for example the higher mental plane where you channel your soul’s energy – the Buddhist plane where i.e. the ascended Masters are residing. Of course it is possible for a channel to draw from both categories, together or one at a time. It is a question of consciousness. To put it this way, if you know how to channel, you most probably also know how to give clairvoyance. The other way around might not so obviously be the case. The reason for this statement is that any entity/soul will always be able to descend into a lower energy level according to his or her wish, but not to ascend to a higher than befits the already achieved state. This is why the Masters can descend in energy through certain channels at different levels, and the other way around the media/channel can draw energy only from that plane to where he or she has achieved awareness. This explains the rather big differences in the way channelling for example the Masters is performed by different channels. Some are able to draw in higher energy than others, but from my point of view all are equally needed. We could call it channelling in different dilutions or frequencies… Quite a lot of resistance is raised against this too, because many hold the view, that one is not allowed/cannot practice channelling of for example the Masters until he has reached a certain stage of development. I must add to this that every one of us has to walk the road, and as mentioned earlier it is not possible to learn channelling by reading a book. As long as we act in good faith and keep an open heart I see no reason to wait around. Not at all if you are channelling to yourself only!
On the other hand, if you are channelling to other people you should be more on guard, but humans need to get accustomed to the words of the Masters in higher dilutions before it is possible for the Masters to pass on the purer merchandise. The pure merchandise – short and sweet – is not a laughing matter. In most cases humans would not at all be able to comprehend the words of the ascended Masters, if it was possible for us to channel it absolutely pure without a flaw. So do understand that it is part of the Divine plan that now a various number of channels are beginning to move and show up all around the world, not to mention here in the North – in Scandinavia. It is written and told far back, that this is coming to pass.
I highly recommend you to get around listening to various channels and note how the different channels work. See if you can hear/feel the difference of the energy-level. All people have the ability to feel the difference between high and low energy. High energy lifts you up and cleanses you, and most often low energy has the opposite effect. And then we have all those in between. So do go out and feel it. It will be quite educational. TRY IT! Learn to distinguish between what is good and what is less good for you! Do remember: What is good for some might be less good for others and vice versa. You will find the way to the right place from where you can draw energy.

Birgit Elisabeth Friis Emdal.