Forward to 2012

     I am Kuthumi.

Your friend and equal. Do you enjoy that the days have become longer? Are you enjoying life,
dear friends? You must know that nothing is accidental. Everything that happened to you is
indeed your own making and has its own meaning to you and your life.
These days, many of you have faced the fact, that surprising thoughts come to your mind. This
strong power, which it is, pay attention to it, and create good thoughts in all relations.
Many of you are busy with new doings, but all as one, who read my words must know, that here we
have fine plans with all of you, and now in the beginning of the year a lot is already established.
Established in cooperation with you, due to what is written in your life contracts.
Therefore expect that a lot of new things will be manifested for you here on earth. Above as well as
below. This law you will indeed face many times this year.

You can all as one with peace in mind enjoy yourself, because this is a year of enjoyment you face,
but a lot is about beeing cleansed from you, old convictions, past traumas and anything which no
longer is beeing usefull to you.
Pay attention to your needs and feelings, because there are strong energies, who come to earth this
spring, where Christenergy again will flow to Earth and hit anyone, where it is needed.
This also means, that old anger, sorrow, frustration briefly can appear, but only to leave you again in
advance of all the new enjoyments and affections, which awaits you.
Fear nothing dear friends. You have all achived a lot in your effort to inprove your life, absolutely no
action or thoughts will be unnoticed, neather on Earth nor on other plans.
Therefore act from your hearts and follow the path of enjoyment every day in the large as well as in
the small.

Those next years forward to 2012 will be busy times for all of you. It is very important, that you
remember to take care of your personal energy, and all the time maintain it. It may sound banal,
but every time you forget yourself, dear children, you lose your energy and must use extra energy, to
find the balance again. Do understand that everything is energy, and the more you are able to use the
energy correct, the more we can use you from here to help other persons, animals or where there is
any need.
Like Sai Baba, many persons have chosen to carry other persons pain.
Some of you are doing the same, however, mostly unconscious.. It can be both physical or psychological.
Do remember to cleance you with the violet flame, and do not forget to pray for help, if it becomes
You are not alone. No persons are alone not even, when you might feel most alone.
It is exactly in those situations your true father of  the Universe, God is closets to you.

A lot of sufferings are on Earth this moment and lots of persons are beeing tested on patience, perseverance
and not least tolerance towards others. Some of the great virtues.
Do know that it is no way a coincidence that exactly Denmark right now is in opposition around
the world.

Indeed one of the smallest countries, but a country who has a large duty to perform.
Like persons have their own lifecontract, do some countries have theirs too.
That is why it is not indifferent, where the single person incarnate,

Muhammad, peace be with him, is also a part of my energy, we are all one, and I want you to pay attention
to the important mission Denmark, and by that you too, dear friends, have concerning creating greater
respect and understanding for other cultures and religions than your own.
There is a way to solve this conflict and all other conflicts, and that is forgiveness and love.
From the spiritual side we are working on tearing down barriers between people, instead of dividing in
races, skincolour, religion and culture, let love be on the throne, love for everything, which is created.
That is why we should meet each other, instead of the opposite.
Begin with your closest, your family, friends and neighbour.

To gather all to one unit, namely mankind, that is indeed, what it is about.
You are all as one included.
This is in broad outline the Divine plan for Earth.
Earth shall become a shining Christplanet, peace on Earth

Channeling by Birgit Elisabeth Friis Emdal, February 2006