Help one another!

Dear Children of the Light

You wish to be of help. I say to you: Help one another, but help in particular those with tears in their eyes.
You can help yourself by using nature. Because the animals, the plants and the rocks and crystals – these wonderful healing creatures, all are they part of you, like Mother Earth, Father Sun, Brother wind and Sister rain is part of you.

All are we connected in love. Love cannot perish. It will forever live amongst us. No matter where we might be, because God is present right here with all of us and within all of us.

Many people feel lonely, sad and confused during these times, where so much new is happening, both on the inside and the outer levels. Many people are yearning to find their true stand, their true self, their true friends and work.

Whenever the longing and wanting gets too hard then pray in silence dear children, go talk to the flowers and the trees, the little animals you meet in nature or perhaps your own pets, the wee shrub out in the woods, the owl in the tree, the boulder out in the field. You see, they understand, they listen without judging. They are there for you. If you can be very quiet indeed, you might hear them answering…….because God lives in them all and exists everywhere.

I cried many tears during all my lives on earth, but I say to you, I cried for you too, I  cleared the way and washed the path where you have to walk. I am with you in compassion. Forever.

I am Mary Magdalene, your humble servant to our Lord Sananda Christ

Channelled by Birgit Elisabeth Friis Emdal august 11, 2004