In the Beginning was the Word

In the gospel of St. John 1, 1, it is said: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”. A sound vibration indeed!
In the first Book of Moses chap. 1, verse 3: “And God said, Let there be Light: And there was Light”! So the vibration of sound has followed us since the Dawn of Times when the Universe was created by the force of the Divine Will, the Power of Thought and the WORD.

The use of Sound as a medicine has been known from the beginning. Shamans from all over the world for instance made use of the sound of the drum for the purpose of healing. Not to mention their power chant’s used in the honor of Mother Earth, animals and plants, stones and crystals, water and air, all our brothers and sisters on earth, all our relations. All are we unique and yet we all sprang from the same source. We all are one. Native people all around the world always have honoured that very idea in their ceremonials and songs.

Use of various types of musical instruments from other cultures as Tibetan singing bowls and healing bells, among others, are strongly taken in here in Denmark as well.

We are all familiar with the healing we receive by listening to beautiful music, or music which is bringing forth that same energy that we need at a certain moment. It could be stimulating or soothing, playful and humorous or even sadness or grief in love matters.

Music is often used in connection with meditation and healing to increase the feeling of wellbeing, to arouse feelings and to stimulate imagination. The more senses we can make use of during a healing session, the more effectual the healing. The shaman often includes scent, drumbeat and rattle, chant, dance and elements of surprise, in order to move the consciousness in the mind of his client.
The sick, or more correctly the person who is experiencing imbalance, in order to recover often needs help to break the pattern of disorder and the thought behind it. Not until the triangle: Our thoughts, feelings and actions, form a synthesis, are we following the energy of our soul, and our heart. And that is the key to find and maintain our balance!

These days many healers use various remedies as aroma therapy, singing bowls, dance and mental techniques e.g. NLP (Neuro Linquistic Programming), but surprisingly few make use of the strongest tools of them all: Sound and The Word. Quite a few healers do in fact obtain good results channelling Divine energy, although not providing an explanation as to the course of the imbalance experienced by the individual. But for how long can this last? People do need words to address their problems; this is in fact often what they cannot see through themselves.

Everything is energy. Sound vibrations move in various frequencies, this is a known fact. Each sound carries a certain information or message within. No sound can really be considered wrong. From the therapy of behaviourism we acknowledge, that what is noticed is not the actually spoken word as much as the intonation of our speech. So: “It is not what you say, but the way you say it that really matters”.

This now leads me to mention, that sound has a very unique quality, the ability to penetrate most molecular structures, and therefore sound can reach deep levels in a person, places where other methods have no say. The tools for sound healing can be singing bowls, bells, music, the drum, and last but not least: the human voice.

Sound healing is strong medicine, even for the healer working with this healing method. To let your voice sound to be heard, to sing out can be very provocative to quite many people. Not least in Denmark where I live, it is so.

I myself have always felt most attracted to healing modalities that I could use without the need of any apparatus, remedy i.e. simple methods I could use anywhere anytime. Nothing is more obvious than your own voice with or without words for that matter.
Each and every day I notice new more or less advanced healing tools pop up, and yet I always return to the essence, to the human being itself – to God.

God created us in his own image, providing us with a unique body capable of receiving the right impulses, healing itself. Jesus proved it to us, when he walked on earth more than 2000 years ago. Jesus was the conveyer of the Divine Energy, but then as now it is Man,  him- or herself, who must open up and allow the healing to take place. It is for you to open up for the light, God in yourself, the light of your soul, for you to have faith and believe that healing indeed can take place. God never meant it to be that some should be diseased and miserable. At the bottom-line the decision is made by Man himself, unconsciously oh yes, but does that fact make it any better? Disease does not origin in the physical body, but in the subtle bodies, the astral, mental and spiritual bodies. In other words in our feelings our thoughts and our spiritual foundation, our own soul’s energy. Sound affects all of our bodies! The physical one is but the lowest of all in vibration.

Many of the healers I met on my way are not willing to acknowledge for whom they work, that it is in fact the Divine energies that are coming into force. But it is a big illusion to believe that it is the healer who is doing the healing. This is not so. Most training schools for healers do not at all mention the Divine energies. One can wonder about their results; how successful they might be. Why is it so dangerous to acknowledge the source of the energy? Jesus showed us the way. He said: “I am the way and the truth and the life. Go out and do like I do!” We can read about it all in the New Testament, in The Deeds of the Apostles. The Bible indeed is a very old book, containing a certain amount of distortion, but Jesus himself certainly is alive and carrying out miracles to this day throughout the world. He also said:” I am the first and the last, and I shall never leave you.” He is always with us. But far from all people believe, trust it to be true, or even better can SEE it is true.
Jesus also made use of “The Word” performing his miracles. He took authority and simply demanded the spirit of disease to leave the person who was suffering from imbalance. As everything is spirit – diseases too – the spirit of disease had to obey and leave immediately. It has no choice when God demands! Then at once thereafter he demanded the person concerned to do what he could not do before, to make him realize, before a negative thought might prevent the miracle, that the bad spirit in fact was gone. Generously he shared his wisdom first with his twelve apostles, who later on as well would be walking around making miracles by use of the word! The Spirit had come upon them. The Holy Spirit! We are all part of the Trinity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit whether or not we believe it to be so!

Among our relatives from the animal kingdom some exist who are very aware of their connection with the Divine energies and with humans, and they very strongly remind us about the power, wisdom and joy within our own innate voice.
Here I especially refer to the whales and dolphins. Both are to a high degree contributing by the sound of their voices to the healing of mother Earth and of many people too. It is more and more accepted as common knowledge that the song of dolphins, these sound vibrations have great healing effect, for example on autistic children and others who suffer imbalances, physical, psychological or spiritual. They have by use of their voice and body the ability to form a basis for healing, provide confidence and lead us on. The same goes for the song of the whales. They sound in a deeper tone, they bring to us great wisdom, they are like swimming library record keepers, and they are telling us with their body and language as well about things we may think we have forgotten. These marvellous creatures keep reminding us that we all are one, that we need and must help one another with love, if mankind is going to succeed rising into the fifth dimension: A higher vibration of love. Whales and dolphins own this wisdom and awareness and they act accordingly. They act from who they are and always have been. They just are. They heal the earth by just being. Think about what human beings could allow themselves to be. Just who they really are: Divine beings, part of God. If all people would only follow the example of these animals, and transform their beliefs into action, this world would become a better place to live in!
Many star- space- and angel-people are placed on earth to remind mankind about these things, and attention on this essential ancient wisdom about the divine laws will increasingly come forward more and more distinctly in books, magazines, all kinds of media. Just look at the progress over the last say ten years……….
Jesus was asked: “Who are you?” and he answered: “I am who I am, and who I always was”. We are all part of God and of him. We are all much more than most people think. We are not just our body, our emotions or our thoughts; no we are vortexes of light, consciousness, love and power.
The Masters are working to help us to find and once again reconnect to this power, the energy of our soul, God inside of us. We must find and return back to this truth, and once again become our own authority! The human voice is one of the most powerful tools to enable and open up into this energy again. Your first communication, once you enter physical incarnation, is a cry! Later on come baby sounds, prattle and later again talk and singing. Why is it that so many people are afraid of their own voice? How often have I heard people say, that they don’t like listening to their own tape recorded voice. Well, each bird sings his song. There is room for us all.
We are all going to sing together a harmonic tune: “The song of life”. Maybe a little or even a big cry is needed every now and then. It wasn’t for nothing,I suppose that the primal cry was “invented”, or that the artist Edward Munch made his painting titled “The Cry”. There are many ways to cry out. Ask the children, they know! We are all children for The Lord.

We are all connected. It is a big illusion to think that we are mere single individuals in a vast universe. Truly we are connected, also through sound. We must find a way to play together a beautiful song instead of fighting against each other in words, thoughts and deeds. When we play out of tune (conscious or unconsciously) i.e. when we do not follow the voice within our heart, an incident of imbalance will occur in the song of the universe, and we may take on a disease or at least get physically, psychologically or spiritually out of balance.
It could be typical symptoms as headache, back pain, overweight or fatigue. Each of these can be healed into balance by sound therapy!
When we are feeling well, people around us feel better too. Whether or not conscious about it we influence one another. So, if you wish to change the world, start looking into yourself! In this matter ironically as it may seem, a lot of people are talking about the need of changing the way things are, but they never really do anything. We have to act upon our words. Otherwise they are worth NOTHING. Translate your faith into acting, or like the Native Indians said: Walk your talk! True spiritual human beings do not wait around for others to start. They take the first step themselves. What are you waiting for?

Our voice is connected to who we are, how much insight we have, and how we look upon ourself. We observe the high pitch in the voice when hysterics arise, and the soft and warm tone when soothing is called for. Our voice has the ability to directly channel our heart-energy, as well as our thoughts, our emotions and our consciousness. Actually it is often disclosed by the voice how much heart-energy is present in that particular moment. How close we are to our soul energy.
As for myself I have noticed that the voice of certain people tells me that I shal not be able to be in tune with them at all – and vice versa: other persons voices will tell me about a connectedness, a recognition, here is someone to fall into tune with easily. How can that be?
Sound is energy vibrating in various frequencies. We all vibrate in different frequencies, depending upon who we are, and where we are in our progress. When meeting/listening to the sound of the voice of our soul friends, we know the chemistry is OK.
To use sound as a healing modality is strong medicine. The healing force within our innate voice is powerful and magic. Why cross the river to fetch water, when one of the most efficient healing tools there is, is one you carry with you wherever you go: Your voice. Make use of it!
Speak out your opinion. Stay in the centre of your own circle and tell to others YOUR truth. The others NEED to hear just that one! Trust me it is so!
The human voice is one of the most powerful and exquisite tools we have to heal the body soul and spirit! Our soul knows all about this wisdom, but we have to rediscover it over again. Why do you think so many people wish to go swimming with dolphins? Well, they are reminding us! Our voice is unique just like our fingerprints and it really discloses who we are. Unlike electronic produced sounds, the human voice has the ability to perfectly adjust energetically to any condition where imbalance has occurred physically, psychologically or spiritually.
Many great singers clearly send out healing by the sound and tone of their voice. For example Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, just to mention a few.
Listen to the sound of your voice, and you will find it expressing much more than the words and phrase indicates itself. Our voice and vocal modulation carries a disclosing message within. It reflects our state of emotions in that exact moment, and who we are. When working with voice- and sound healing emotional release process is inevitable and necessary. We need an opening of the throat chakra. With the opening of this important chakra we gain access to our genetic memory. Likewise if the heart chakra is opened, we gain access to universal energies and state of consciousness as for example the Akashia Records. This spiritual memory archive, where eternal knowledge about the past, the present and the future for all beings of the universe is recorded.

People like me, practising verbal channelling and in this way make access into the universal information, can achieve great advantage by including voice- and sound healing in their work. People when they start channelling will very often find that the tone of their voice after a while has changed. Perhaps you don’t notice yourself, but other people will probably point it out to you. Major healing is taking place when the higher energies are being channelled for example Master energies as Sananda, Kuthumi, Mary, St. Germain etc. and that of course takes effect on the voice too.

And again you can improve your channelling ability by the means of working out with sound, body & voice, singing if you wish, chant mantras to open the heart and other songs as for instance shamanic power-songs and healing songs honouring Mother Earth.

When practising verbal channelling we use heart energy in correlation to the throat chakra when at its utmost. This conveys a tremendous healing to the individual receiving the messages. It can easily happen even early, when the channelling is just started, that tears come into the eyes of the client because of the extremely powerful and compassionate energy from the Masters, vibrating in the sound and tone of the voice expressed through the channel and touching right into the core of the heart. People need to relate their situation into words, they need to hear: THE WORD!

When we practise sound healing by the use of our voice and in the same manner correlates the very highest intensions from heart and mind to the sound of the voice I am willing to claim that sound healing is one of the strongest medical offerings to the new age. Combined with the use of verbal channelling the healer is bound to stand more powerful than any healer using other methods! Big words? Well…..”In the beginning was the Word”…..

It is time for mankind to open up and start listening to the power we are carrying within our own innate voice. We can start using our inherited knowledge and become extraordinary healers to heal ourself and the planet EARTH!
Of course sound healing can be used separately or combined with most any other healing modality.
Who would benefit from taking in the sound healing method?
All people who are using their voice in their work in connection with other people. Naturally singers, musicians, actors, teachers and instructors of any kind, body therapists, psychologists, hypnotists, anyone who wants to step forward and speak from the heart and who wants to be really heard. Every human being would in fact benefit a great deal from rediscovering their true voice!

Birgit Elisabeth Friis Emdal/Stjernen/”The Star” 2002