Channelling by Birgit Elisabeth Friis Emdal, in” The Crypt”, Copenhagen 2004. August 9. 

Good day to you my children. Welcome in the Light of God, I am John Kuthumi. We know each other very well and I have some good news for you. Soon it will be harvest times, but this will be in more than one sense.
There is so much new coming to you, and you shall reap what you sowed.
Everyone present here tonight is on the verge of something new. We can call it an expansion. A bright new chapter in your life.
Some are going to start new job, some are having children, some will meet a new partner, and some will be moving. And quite many of you are going to move in your consciousness. The consciousness about who you are and what you can do and what you can not do.
Because really you can do everything my dear children.
I need to remind you about the power of thought. Think big and think kind loving thoughts about yourself. Think success about yourself, and you will be successful.
Quite a few present here tonight have had and still have a feeling of experiencing dead-water. That the energy has stalled. It could be economically, emotionally. In all respects really.
I am telling you, you who are present here, here tonight: this is the calm before the storm. And if you can keep very quiet, you will be able to feel, perceive and hear what is coming.
And fear not, because what is coming to you is something good. It is for the better. You will get it the way you would like it to be.
Oh yes you will. How is it with you? How would you like it to be? What do you think about yourself? What do you say about yourself?
Know that words make manifestations. What is it that you walk around stating about yourself? What are your thoughts?
This is why I need to remind you once again: Think big, think lovingly.
You will reach far, you who are seated here to night.
When I say this, that you will reach far, I mean to say that you are in perfect contact with what is written in your life contract.
Many of you are so close to that goal you set for yourself before going to Earth.
The energy has started long time back, and the triangle will come out for you. What you think, what you feel and the way you act.
Then dear children you follow your hearts. This is the new there in front of you, the new energies also merging, not just to you but to the entire earth. And you seated here to night are indeed among those who agreed to walk in front to inspire other people, and help other people by use of the spoken and the written word, by making pictures, by making music, by dancing. There are many ways and many paths. God has as many ways as there are people and animals.
Oh yes, so it is.
What is your path? What is it that brings joy to you?
What is it that makes you light at heart?
This is really what it’s all about. Permit yourself to walk in that direction, the path that is yours. Whatever others might think or judge about it. Do not permit others to stop you.
Quite a few of you heard from those close to you. Talks of worry about what you are doing, what issues you are taking up, and what is it really that you want.
But this of course is just out of love for you that they worry. Listen to them, thank them for their advice and then go on the way that is yours.
This is highly important to all people, but especially to you as a group tonight. You have something in common, and that is to take good care of your next of kin, your family, your parents, grandparents, siblings and children.

What good does it make to think peace? To wish for peace on earth, if unrest prevail in your close relations. Or towards those living next to you, your neighbour or opposite neighbour. But I want to remind you, it is for you here tonight, as a group, in particular essential to make peace among your close relations. Your biological family.
All of you present here tonight have found way to the spiritual family as well. For instance it is that family in which you are seated, tonight. And quite a few of you also keep contact to other groups connected to the spiritual.
Do not renounce your brother, your family, but take care of them. You have chosen one another in order to help each other. And the more you know the more responsibility is yours to make use of it all.
What is the use of knowing what is right, if one still act in the wrong direction? Take the right and the straight road. The road of loving. The road of the Light. And forgive, forgive all those who passed by, or those close to you. Those you feel have deceived you, or hurt you one way or the other.
I am asking you this very moment once again to place your hand over your heart, close your eyes and go deep into yourself. Forget about he or she sitting besides you. But go in; receive those pictures and feelings inside about whom I talk. And then offer your forgiveness from your heart. 
Do forgive them; thank them for what they gave to you long way back. Every one of them made their contribution to make you into what you are, and you know it. I know it. We do know. But it is important to let go and then forgive. This is the greatest gift of all, dear children. The greatest gift of love you can ever offer to them and to yourself. Then you will be ready for all the new waiting for you just around the corner, because it certainly does and that will be for the better. And the happier you can be and the lighter your heart, the more easy you will reach your goal and the more, so many more people you can bring light and love, and lift up together, because together you are powerful.
Maybe quietly in your thoughts you would want to tell these people something.
It could be an animal too.
There is someone present here tonight who is carrying somewhat bad conscience about an animal that you have known.
You can forgive yourself for that my friend. The love that this animal feels towards you, in the highest sense it is still intact.
And I am telling you this to remind you that the animals do not judge. If you were scolding an animal and it was ashamed and sad, it is ready to forgive you the moment you are back and happy again. 
So do like the animals towards the people you were sad about, mad at, and annoyed about. Do forgive. And laugh, laugh at yourself, laugh together with those people next time you meet them. And you will get the opportunities. We shall take care of that from this side. So lighten the energy and let go.
Each and every one of you is very useful. All people are channels. You who came here tonight are highly useful for the purpose of inspiration to other people. To inspire them to walk what is their right way, and to stand firmly for their course, feel what is in the heart.
Several of you present here have during this summer felt quite some fatigue. And then you thought: it is probably due to the lack of light, sun.
Oh yes, but it is far more than that. Because a major transformation is happening for you on the inside. Each and every one of you has had your energy lifted. Every cell in your body has been lifted to a higher vibration, and some of you felt it as fatigue, others as a pressure in the chest, in the ears, passing headaches, dizziness and other of that kind.
Several of the seals are being opened. Yes, it is the seven of which I am speaking. The seven seals, the seven Chakra’s.
Quite a few are having their third eye opened, the throat chakra and for some the crown chakra. Their efforts crowned with success. Visualize yourself with a crown.  
Our good friend Jesus is referred to as the King of King’s, so who are you then all of you? I am telling you, you are indeed kings and queens. Do feel worthy to put on the crown. And know that you are capable of doing what he so often have told you, both in the spoken and written word throughout the times.
Now he is stating it again this very moment through me:”Think big and lovingly about yourself”, because you are every single day manifesting your life by what you think and the way you act. And I am telling you, talking about these people you have been around to and just now have forgiven, there is NOTHING outside yourself. 
The issue is about you, and not about all the others that you look upon and listen to.
Many illusions exist on earth. This is one of them, this belief that it relates to everybody else, that there is something the matter with other people in some way or the other. There is nothing the matter with anyone, not with you either.
What I am speaking about is to see clearly. To see things as they really are. Look upon yourself in the mirror; look deep into your eyes. Observe who you are and ask yourself: from where did I come? In truth quite a few Star- and Angel people are present tonight. You have travelled far about in God’s Kingdom.
In Gods Kingdom there are many universes and many homes, and several from you repeatedly have asked the question to other people and to your inner self, send your prayers out:”Who am I?”
I will tell you about who you are: you are not merely your thoughts or your emotions; you are not your body or your thoughts.
Every one of you is a centre of consciousness, love, light and power. And all of you are on your way; you are all part of the Divine Universe. You are Divine energy in a physical body.
At the moment you have a physical body, and in between incarnations you possess other bodies, and as you are sitting here you are at the same time sitting in the Hall of Wisdom at the Buddhi level listening and receiving education. Because as above so below.
Oh yes, certainly you have bodies there too. Only not everybody is aware of this. You have a countless number of bodies, and some of you present here tonight possess even a number of the physical bodies too.  
Oh, you might think, is that in fact possible?
To God anything is possible.
The level of your awareness of this or that is connected to you and your individual path of progress. How many times did you walk on earth, have died physically, and then returned to earth? There are people who think or even state out loud:”I shall not come back to earth anymore. This is my last incarnation on earth.”  
Well. That sounds interesting, is that a fact? Sense what is in your heart? I do not say it is untrue. I would put it this way:”One has an opinion until one gets a new.”
There are many tasks for you who are assembled here tonight. Tasks according to the Divine plan. These tasks are described on the page about you in the Akashia records. These spiritual archives to which everyone can make access, but not everybody are looking into.
So where does this archive exist then? It exists in your higher consciousness. It exists in your heart. It exists at the level for wisdom, at the level of mastery.
What in fact is a Master?
Dear friends, you all are Masters; it is your soul’s energy. So listen to your soul, your heart, your conscience, the voice within.
You have all the answers about yourself, if you listen, if you can keep the silence required.
But many people would rather want to hear the answers through other people than daring to trust the information coming to you yourself.
From this side we want to do everything in our power to confirm to you what you have heard. You can ask for it.
Remember to ask for help. And in truth many are those present here tonight, who would rather give than receive. Do not feel shy to ask for help, because it is there for you too, no matter too big or too little.
Remember about the family. You will need it. You will be in need of a good base a good foundation, and who could indeed be more close to you than those to whom you are related by the ties of blood?
I remind you of this because you asked me to. And you did that because these are some of the items in your life contract. This contract that all people have brought with them as a christening gift, in which it is stated with whom you will incarnate, what lessons you are meant to learn this time and what issues from the past is due to be dissolved.
And it is in the best of interest for everyone that this cabal will come out. And it looks as it is going to do that. It is all up to you, because it is your responsibility to say yes to the task with love and respect.
Write or call the one you are thinking of. Send along loving thoughts. This alone could be sufficient for the person to write to or call you. This too could be an option. Or speak to that person’s soul and trust it to be heard.
There are many ways, use the one that suits you the best.
Always to start at home by yourself, to sweep at your own doorstep first, that will bring peace and energy to a degree that you have felt lacking. 
In many ways this is a year of epoch-making for you who came here tonight. This year 2004 you will remember the rest of your time on earth. Yes, this is big, so I can recommend that you write down what is going to happen for you. I will take the liberty of using the word little and big miracles. The times for miracles are not over. You will experience the truth of these words within the year. What you have put your energy into, what you have wished for, and there were several wishes. I mentioned some earlier: children, partners, job, economy, and new ways of thinking. This is what waits right around the corner. So be open dear children. Be open for the new and prepare yourself. Tidy up around you and make peace, not least with yourself.

These were the words. Adonai.