MARIA  ( The Divine Mother)
(A painting by Tove Mehta, AD 2003)

Belovede children, be strong in your Faith and trust in your Father in the Universe!

Many people are in these times being subjected to trials – big or small  - according to who you are and your background. Remember that no human being – male or female – shall be subjected to a greater test, than he or she can overcome! Know for certain, that if you honestly try to act out your beliefs, your Trust in God shal be fruitful in many ways!
In this way you can come by great values for yourselves, as well as other people, loved ones and friends.
Be good to oneanother, everyone you know and love. Be good to each other, dear children. Show compassion and understanding.  – So little is needed, so much more to be won.

The spiritual energies shall be increased day by day on planet Earth, and every time they reach another High, many people on Earth shall experience a corresponding shift for the better. (However there may be sideeffects like headaches, aural nuicances, extra heartbeats and sometimes even respiratorical problems.)

Be Still, dear children, and Listen!
Listen with your heart to all the messages I bring you every day. I am right here, can you not feel me?

Several times I have shown myself to children and people with a pure and open heart. And soon, some of you who read theese lines shall see and feel my Presence also.

Fear not, dear children, for you are not alone. I am standing by you , so close, and I can feel your  pain, frustration, anger and longing. I will protect you all and everyone, and send you Light and Love.

Everything is in accordance with The Divine Plan, which I am confident you are aware of.
I thank you all, with respect for all the work you have done for  yourselves, others,  and for  the Christian Faith.
Remember that all you do with Goodness in your heart shall be seen as a Goodness in the name of  Jesus Christ!

So, love yourselves, dear children, and seek for purity in your words, thoughts and deeds.
Listen to the children – the innocent – and those pure of heart. You will know them by their good deeds, loving and caring for others.

Look into the eyes of an animal – big  or small. See it’s innocence and it’s purity.
Everyone of them is God’s creation – part of an evolution – and they are both helping you, and learning from you .
Each and everyone of them is trying to someday be a human being and hence develop maybe even further?

Please join me in this wish for all animals on Earth: Send them Love and kind Thougths. Thought is so strong an energy, that it shall converge - and reach it’s target – where you intended.
Tread warily!  Have Love for yourself as well as for each other!

Homage to CHRIST in you all and thank you deeply for reading my words.

Your humble Saint in Gods Service,     Maria

Spiritual channeling by Birgit Elisabeth Friis Emdal, 03. July 2003