You are not alone

I am Mary Magdalene

Many are channelling my energy and painting my portrait in various versions. I laugh up my sleeve, when I notice so many picture me fair-haired and blue-eyed. It truly depends on the eyes of the beholder.
When I behold the world today, I look for the love in peoples eyes. For the kindness & the patience.

Look deep into your eyes my friend, what do you see?

Do you see love or do you see fear?

These are two sides of the same coin. Let love come forward. Risk living your life & fear not death, it is and remains an illusion

All the people on earth are confronted by death every day. Some times close some times far away, expected or not expected...........but in the final analysis each and everyone will have to go through this rebirth from one dimension into another. 

Trust me, countless are those who can recall previous incarnations and quite a few of you, who are reading this now, you will start recalling some of yours. By and by you will start remembering who you really are, and why you have come here.

To this there is a certain meaning. You will be leading on to other people in their search for the truth, for God

Many veils and false statements are brought forward these days, so be aware and use your gift from God: Discernment

Sense into your heart, yes deep into your stomach what you read, hear & see if it feels right  

Trust that the truth always will be revealed, perhaps when you are least expecting it 

Have patience, trust and faith in yourself. Many are being tested on exactly such things, but trust justice and love is going to win.
Those pure of heart, a long time ago they have already been helping out, and they continue to put into focus the areas in need of light. The pure hearted walk in front using themselves as tools eliminating the darkness

Many are trained to endure great physical as well as psychological pain.

Perhaps you are one of those my friend?

Stay confident

You are not alone – a great many have come to Earth in order to help spread the Light & Love 

Look into the eyes of the dolphins. Whom do they look like, do you think? Did you know the fact that they are highly developed beings from other universes? Did you know that whales are indeed great swimming library’s, bases for ancient spiritual wisdom and highly developed beings. Did you consider the likeness between the whales body and the Mother ship’s in the Universe……….these magnificent space vehicle’s…….driven by being’s of light from other galaxies

Listen to them, look at them…be with them, physically or in your thought – and it will be pure healing for you!

Hear the sound from your heart. Listen and be silent

You my friend have all the answers to all and everything in thy own universe, thy own treasury, in the depths of thy heart.
Venture therein some day, when you feel peace of mind, venture into the red universe in the heart

Universe’s exist’s inside universe’s inside universe’s…………….

The red colour is consisting in all of them as I do likewise

My hair, some view it as red, flaming red, when father Sun shines thereupon

I pass on to all of you my most sincere respect’s and humble appreciation to all and everything that you have done towards yourself and to others 

I pass on to you fragrant ointment for love, care and healing powers

Oil, the power of the Holy Spirit

I am right here by your side, you who are reading my words

I am Mary Magdalena

Channelled through Birgit Elisabeth Friis Emdal July 2005