The Angel of Death.

I am The Angel of Death. I am part of the Energy of Maria. I am present at all childbirth’s and thereby at every passage to other planes. I am there when people are born and when they die. Those with a pure heart may see me dancing as Shiva when I help people making the passage into a new life.
Many people are frightened of me. They are frightened, because they are afraid of either life or of death. So many illusions about life and death exist on earth.
Some dare not live, out of fear of death, and others dare not die, out of fear of life.

I am telling you: so many get very surprised when leaving the physical world. They don’t know where they are, or what has happened.
Many of my angels help me guide the souls forward to where they belong.
Nobody stays any longer in the grey zone than their own need is calling for. Likewise on Earth, many people are wandering around, while on Earth, in a grey zone or a cloud of worries and negativity, which keeps other people at a distance and a depression inside. Perhaps you have come across two people sharing the same circumstances; one of them is quite happy and optimistic while the other is on the edge of committing suicide.
Why this difference?

All this originates in the human mind. Dark thoughts drive away light, happiness and optimism. The more the individual focuses on darkness, the more of it gets manifested. The same goes for the Light, so dear children, think light, easy and good thoughts. It is much easier to be happy and light-hearted than to stay cross and sulky. A lot of humans spend oceans of energy focusing on the darkness, and inevitably they are provoked by people who express happiness and content. They get angry and aggressive quite easily and blame others to be the course of it. In reality it is all about your own mind (inner thoughts/emotions). Nothing exists outside of you, dear ones. It has nothing to do with other people. It’s all about you.

Do not let anyone take away your energy, take away your joy. So often we witness how people let themselves get influenced in an adverse direction by the bad mood of their fellow-beings. Leave it be dear children. Keep your own self intact; protect yourself against the energy-robbers by turning away or by uplifting them in love.

I cooperate with many Deva’s, these marvellous creatures of light, working around people who are down in grief and anger. Truly they are faithful servants of Our Lord, the One they call The Light. Yes verily he is shining more than anyone my dear Jesus Sananda Christ.

My embodimentss are plenty and I appear in front of humans and animals in a number of ways, but fear not dear children, you see I always come only to help you. I am telling you: Fear not death, for it is beautiful, it is wonderful. It is really like being born into a new life, it is part of life, life even more real than the form of life you know from the physical level on Earth.
Death is an illusion.

Energy cannot perish, but it transforms from one shape into another. This is in truth what happens.

I am the Angel of Death

Channelled by Birgit Elisabeth Friis Emdal 2004 May 25