The Ascended Masters. The Great White Brotherhood.
The Hierarchy.

I have seen and heard that many people are mystified by these terms, which in certain circles apparently are
referred to as most obvious and known. In many articles they are described with great consent, not making it
much clearer for layman to see, who these “secret” Masters might be. Ascended Masters, Great white
Brotherhood, The Hierarchy, we are talking about the same entities, souls. The fact that they by some are called
ascended simply refers to their completed ascendance into higher frequencies of energy or a higher level of
consciousness via their growth process on earth. But there is nothing secret about them. Because nothing is
secret, but everything is Holy!

Throughout all time there were people, who for the sake of their own self-assertion, made great secrecy out of
spiritual insight, or put up smoke screens to hide the pure truth. One might wonder as to what purpose?
Knowledge is power and as is well known power can be used and not least misused. There has been and still is
to the highest degree an ongoing struggle for power on our planet earth, a struggle between the good and the
less good. This struggle we can also call the fight between light and darkness. The good intention and the not so
good intention. When speaking about the good intention, it means the Divine Will, originating from our souls’
energy, while the not so good intention originates from our ego, that ego so often distorted into a place where it
does not belong.
Originally human beings were given an ego with the sole function of conveying to us facts about our
environment and nothing else. At some point this ego started getting it’s own opinion about things, and added its
comments to what was observed. This could happen only to people who had lost contact to their own soul,
their heart energy or in other words The Divine within themselves.
One of the functions of The Great White Brotherhood is now to lead us back on the path once again, back to
the truth, back to God. And for that very purpose they are co-operating with many aspirants and disciples on
Everyone of them is a soul, who was incarnated on earth in a human body and for that reason they have gained
great experience as to the problems and conflicts a human being can put him or herself into.
Some of them were incarnated at the time of Jesus, where they also helped spreading the word of God and
healed people from deception. Just to mention a few: The Master Kuthumi for example was incarnated as John,
one of the 12 apostles of Jesus, the one who wrote the Book of Revelation. Others to be mentioned could be St.
Germain and El Morya. These three Masters were incarnated also as the 3 wise men who went to honour the
new-born holy infant Jesus. Obviously Jesus (Sananda) is one of them as is his mother Mary. When they call
themselves the WHITE Brotherhood, it is simply because of the fact that they work on behalf of the Light, and
they are surrounded by an aura of light, what we call a halo. They earned this light by developing in love for
mankind. They have had a lot of initiations on earth, and thereby gained a vast amount of insights, which again
they transformed into practical deeds. They proved onto themselves their ability to live out the Divine Laws in
practicality. So it has nothing to do with human races or colour of skin.

The White Brotherhood and Sisterhood consist of both masculine and feminine energies. Sananda Christ is the
head of the masculine hierarchy and Mary, his dual, heads the feminine hierarchy. The designation “dual” stands
for part of the same Divine spark. Female Masters are as many in number as the male, but for quite a long time
the masculine hierarchy has been more “visible”. This is in fact undergoing change now as Mary is beginning to
come forward at all levels, and along with her follows a number of other female Masters. A good sign of this is
that you can hear more and more channels of the Light beginning to channel the female Masters!
As well as Mary was bringing Divinity down to earth in the form of her son Jesus Christ, she is now preparing
the way for the reappearance of Christ on earth.
Both Jesus and Mary are today incarnated on earth in physical bodies. Jesus told us more than 2000 years ago:”
I am the first and the last, and I shall never leave you.” So he is always staying with us, but not all are ready to
meet him, or Mary for that matter. Most often Mary has chosen to make her appearance before children. Now
more adults have also seen Mary, and many more will do so in the near future. Namely the pure of heart!
The Masters can approach any of us during the night in dreams as well as during daytime when you are
meditating or in a quiet moment where you receive a bright thought, a Divine inspiration that brings joy and
happiness to yourself and others. You might meet such a Master in a vision. They commonly appear as light to
people with the gift of clairvoyance. You could meet them in the shape of an animal or a person you meet on
your way, because if there is a good cause to do so the Masters have the ability to materialise as any one they
wish. You might hear them on the radio, in TV or in the media on the internet, they are everywhere, and might
make their appearance in the most surprising or strange manners. They are SO CLOSE to human beings, but
not everyone is open to sense them. It takes an open heart, an open and susceptible mind. That is why they
often make their appearance to people in personal crisis, because we humans are then more open than usual.
Thus a crisis can become a gateway to the spirituality in life and so be a very positive thing. For there is really
nothing bad except people making experiences and situations into something less good. Truly there is a great
number of various divine laws, but just to mention one important principle that we all on earth must learn to
master: What you think, what you feel and the way you act must come together. When we make that happen,
we find that everything will start moving easier, and things are speeding up. That is usually a good guideline for
following our life-contract, the Divine plan for our life.
All people can make contact to these Masters, as we all have a soul vibrating at this frequency. Understand this:
all is energy, and the ascended Masters belong to an energy level placed in what we name the Buddhist plane for
love and wisdom.
When listening to our intuition, our heart, our soul, we can also start communicating with our friends from the
spiritual planes. They wish to provide their assistance to further our development, conscious of the divine truth
that we all are connected to the same God and that we are one with God. We are all part of one another, and for
that reason we cannot run away from anyone or reject anyone. We need to return to the idea of unity and to
help each other rather than fight and make war against one another.
Earth is undergoing a tremendous growth process, during which we have to eliminate the principle of killing,
wars, unrest, injustice. We need to learn to feel love for all creation. Certainly this is quite some piece of work
to be done, and that is exactly why so many of these Masters are incarnated on earth to help further the process!
Some of the Masters obviously are in physical incarnation, though not many are aware of this – not to speak of  
having any knowledge of who they are or where they exist. Most of the Masters operate in disguise, they have
NO need whatsoever to hold their own by titles and decorations of some fine order, but they do have an explicit
need to help and inform about the principle of Love, that God does exist, and that we all must find our way
back to the Divine energies once again. We all came from God, but so many have “forgotten”, suppressed it,
and therefore feel at a loss, lonely, afraid, frustrated or the like.
Fear is the greatest foe of man, and the day when we are fully aware of the existence of God and our own
divinity we will have NOTHING to fear nevermore.
Sai Baba said it: “Why fear, when I am here???” Sai Baba is bearer of the Christ-energy on earth, but how many
do in fact realise this? People often focus their attention on negative issues and tend to judge one another, even
though already Jesus told us not to judge anyone. Those in need of MAKING JUDGMENT, are in fact judging
themselves only, and quite a few are going around judging others with a will, whether it’s about Sai Baba or
people they meet on their way. When do people realise, what they say about others is in the deepest sense
related to themselves?? To the pure of heart everything is pure! Children are teasing one another singing: “What
you say is what  you are”, yes go to the children and become wise… If only people would learn to feel love
towards themselves, their mind, their body and spirit, yes then this world would be a better place to be. When
Buddha was incarnated, when he lectured, he was very particular about the fact that we are mirrors to each
other, so he walked around carrying a mirror tied unto his belly, for his students to look at themselves while
talking about others……….It is so easy to see the splinter in the eye of someone else, but not the log in one’s
Thus everything we say can be used against us. What words people use about themselves and one another are
VERY disclosing. Notice what it is actually that people are saying. Words may be poor but certainly very
Thoughts too count, they too are energy making great effects far out in the universe. This is one reason for the
Masters to teach us to learn to see the good, hear the good, think the good and act out the good.
All so simple that quite many are not at all able to catch sight of the truth. And again sometimes nothing hurts
like the truth, for the pure and simple truth really shakes up everything from prejudice and ignorance to self-
delusion and illusion.
We live in a world of illusions, created by our self via our imagination and self confidence or often absence of
the same. How can you trust in God if you don’t trust yourself? Many people claim they trust in God, but
cannot trust that God wishes to do them any good. A limitation of God is it not?

God really do wish us all well, and in truth he sent forward his children of the Light, i.e. The Ascended Masters
to remind us. They need us, and we need them. We need one another. For this reason love one another and
receive in abundance gifts of love from your father in the universe, your father, he who knows all your needs
even before you know yourself. Have trust and faith, do not expect miracles, you can take them for granted.
Become your own Master!

Humbly and respectfully, I am greeting Christ in all of you

Birgit Elisabeth Friis Emdal

2003 July