The disaster in Asia

Dear everyone.

I have from the highest realms, our Father in the universe, received this message:

Dear children
I am your father. I am everywhere and inside everyone. No human, animal or plant is leaving the physical plane without my knowing.
Grief, despair, compassion and not least powerlessness are feelings that hit a lot of you these last days.
But just now, in the midst of all your powerlessness, I will be taking over and lift you up in love. Do permit this to happen!
Know that these natural disasters are part of the Divine Plan for the Earth.
Everything was prepared at the spiritual levels in order to take in all of these souls, who had to leave the physical plane.
In the Quan Yin's shining temple of compassion, love and caring, many angels and masters stood waiting to welcome and lift them up in love.
Did you hear the bells? They were ringing in due time before the tsunami arrived. For whom did they ring, you might ask? My dear children they were ringing for all of you.
My dear wise creations as the elephant’s are, they heard the omen.

Truly the elephant’s assisted and still do, providing their strength and gentleness in order to help humans.
Many of you too heard the bells, and offered your assistance and continue to help by spreading light and love, consciously in the daytime as well as at the spiritual levels at night, when your physical bodies are resting.
Now the time has come for humans in earnest to help one another regardless of country, race, religion or political convictions.

Mother earth is part of every one of you. When she trembles and brings forth giant waves over the shores onto people, animals and plants, then she cleanses herself and you too in your bodies. Like her you posses a number of bodies, and karma likewise.
Understand that nothing happens by chance, all depend upon every single person’s choice of actions in due course of time. I offered you a special gift: the free will. The power of will from the heart, also known as the pure will. That is the power we are bringing forward, when mother earth trembles and cleanses.
In this way mother earth help the humans opening their hearts to bring forward compassion and love and respect for all of my creation.

Sai Baba told you: There is only one God and he is omnipresent
There is only one religion, the religion of love
There is only one society, the society of humanity
There is only one language, the language of love

Behold my children, this is the truth that we are working together to advance on earth, in order for it to become a bright shining planet of Christ.
Countless numbers of the master energies have been placed on earth in order to help exactly this to be, you who are reading this right now you too.
You can make a difference. The best way for you to help is now to spread out light and love in your thoughts, your words and not least your actions.
Seek to comply with the needs you come by on your way.
Give a helping hand to those who reach out for it.
Be silent and make contact to your heart centre, state your prayers for all of those who are in need and in heavy energy.

Light is always stronger than darkness.
Let the earth shine!

I sent you Sai Baba to remind you of this:

”First you are in the light, then the light is in you, then you are the light".

I am your true father.

Channelled by Birgit Elisabeth Friis Emdal 2005.01.05