We are all a part of God         

I wish to bring to you love for the earth. Earth, Mother Earth. Do you not hear her calling for your help and compassion?

Mother Earth is giving and giving of the  most precious gift’s she owns, but how is it then that many people treat her in return?

All human beings are part of Mother Earth. Especially the women of the earth have a lot in common with her.

So many women on earth still suffer oppression, and have to endure great pain, both physically, psychical and spiritually. I am telling you much is yet to be learned for human’s until they do harbour love for all creation.

A day will come when women walk in front; they will take responsibility and show the path forward. Many things are coming to pass on earth and the feminine Hierarchy lead by Mother Mary in truth is going to appear more and more.

I am part of Mary and Mary is part of me. All women on earth are part of me. Together we will strengthen one another with love and many men will follow us with love.

Truly many women in earnest will start taking back the authority of their own lives and act in love and righteousness with great compassion towards other people.

Many more of my bodies are appearing now and revealing themselves into the consciousness of people. I have bodies on all levels and several on earth.

Likewise goes for my beloved White Eagle who was my partner in an Indian incarnation on earth. Truly I had many incarnations together with my dual. We are of the same Divine spark. Together we are one.

The Divine plan is becoming a conscious part of the life of all humans, and these days many people in their sleep at night are receiving tuition about the plan. Others are during the day given teachings about the Divine laws. All of those who have made the choice to walk in front in order to help other people.

These days so many people are in despair, as the earth is shaking and many people experiences great suffering physical, psychical and spiritual. This is part of the Divine plan, and trust that many Masters on earth work each and every day and night to help ease the transition for all these people.

Many old traumas are rising through to the surface and numerous karmic relations are being fulfilled and ended during these times. Watch out to draw your line. Remember to forgive everything, but do not allow everything!

Many people have spoken out that they shall no longer incarnate on earth after this present incarnation. I say you: They are in for a big surprise. All these people are living under the veil of illusion, and I look forward to the day, when they themselves realize the necessity of finishing their karma on earth. This earth remains the most excellent place to do penance for all the deeds that must and will be atoned for.

Several Masters from the time of Atlantis are today incarnated on earth, and they are here many of them, partly to help the Ascension of earth into the fifth dimension, but really also for the purpose of outliving their karma on earth.

Many of these Masters when living in Atlantis “forgot” about God, The Great Spirit. They became so skilled in mastering the energies that they reached a point, where they thought they could  do without God. What an illusion, and what lack of humility.

I implore you to look for humility in everyone you meet on your way, especially your teachers, coaches or leaders of all kind.

Oh yes humans need to remember to take responsibility and authority in their own lives, but our Father in the Universe outshine any one individual, for God, The Great Spirit, is greater than  one residing in the world.

Every time man takes one step toward God, God takes at least 10 steps toward man, but man must open his heart to God. Man needs to say yes, and to take the first step. 

Make use of nature dear friends, and let Mother Earth, Father Sun, Sister Rain and Brother Wind lead your path. Make use of your oldest friends on earth: the stones and the crystals let them help you, likewise the plants and the animals.

We can all learn from one another. See the good, hear the good and do the good, and truly it will return to you tenfold or more.

Everything exist in circulation: seasons, cellular replacement, incarnations, karma and dharma, everything is so wisely arranged, and each and everyone will meet with that or those, that they need to at any particular time and moment.

We can wonder, we can ask, and we can deny ourselves and all what our heart is telling us, but truth will always return and reveal itself, perhaps when we are least expecting it.

Like sunshine can turn into rain, and when the wind is turning, drying the soil and making crack’s in the surface, likewise humans will find that only truth and love for all creation is going to prevail, when we all are coming to face our responsibility for our deeds in thought, talk and actions - In other words: Walk your talk!.

I beg you all: be kind to one another. Be kind to you, see the light in each person and in each situation and be prepared for a life in joy and gratitude to be a part of the great mystery – of God – The Great Spirit.

Do not patent the truth, as many do in these times, but talk YOUR truth, so that others can learn from this.

I humbly and respectfully greet you all

I am White Buffalo Calf Woman

Channelled by Birgit Elisabeth Friis Emdal 2004-02-26               
Kuthumi 2003.10.29