Dear Children of the Light.

The Time has now come for you, to let go of all the things for which you do not have any real enjoyment in your life. People, work – selfmade limitations.
Powerfailure on Earth. First in the USA, then Sweeden, Denmark and Italy – Do you think it was merely a fortuity? It is the energies of the planet Mars coming into play, and the very same you should now act upon. Make up your minds as to what you really want, and believe in it. Go for it.
Convey your beliefs into action. Keep calm, and do not despair. I am with you all the way.

Never before on Earth have you been able to manifest yourselves as quickly as now. Use the energy of  the Masters in Service of the Light. The population of the Earth shall be gathered into one big family, heeding no differences, races, creeds or religions. It is not religion you should focus on, but your relationship with God, our Father in the Universe!
All the Masters you know and heard of are wandering this Earth. You are not alone in this process.
The Earth is the abode of  lots of Star-, Angle-, Deva-people, with old and wise souls, who both know and love the Earth as part of the Universe. There are many Worlds, and new ones are coming every day.

In which Universe are you living, you who are reading theese words right now? Do you wish for a change? Did you know that can actually happen, if you wish? Listen to the children and those old of age. They have much in common. The children born on Earth come directly from God, and those old of age are about to be born anew, when they leave the physical dimension. They all have the wisdom of God in their hearts, for all and everyone, they are God’s Children. So love oneanother and love yourselves. Each and everyone has deserved the best. What is best for you, my friend?

All those you love shall allways live in your heart, and they neither can nor will leave you. Many people are grieving today, having lost their loved ones, but know now that you shall never lose anyone.
Love binds you together forever.
I am the First and the Last and I shall never leave you. You are loved.

I am Son of the Light,  Jesus-Sananda, your friend and Protector for all eternity.

Channellised by Birgit Elisabeth Friis Emdal       October 2003
(Painting by Tove Metha)

Maria july 2003