Share the truth with others

I am Sanat Kumara.

Many illusions will disappear from your eyes and ears in the time to come. Many people are beginning to see and hear more clearly than ever before, and therefore many are going to fight a futile battle in order to keep the truth concealed from their fellow man.
I am telling you this is not going to be an easy task, for the light is stronger than the darkness and itís strength is growing day by day. Together we have achieved good results for all of you, and know that you do deserve the gifts, that inevitably will emerge in the wake of your efforts.

Maybe some of you are not aware of what kind of contribution you have made, but I am telling you, it is not a little. Many of you have shown great willingness to be at work not just with your own matters, but in truth both with one another as well as many others whom you are not even aware that you have relieved.
We are making use of the energy to the highest extent, and that means that quite a few of you are and have been at work in more than one place and at more levels at the same time both night and day. Oh yes, this is a question about consciousness and energy, and many of you reading these words know that this is so.
Stay open dear children to the shift in the energy, these are big changes coming forth worldwide and onto any one individual. Many roles are being interchanged now.
Because all who in self-righteousness sought to raise themselves are going to be humbled and exposed, and those who humbly set themselves aside will become raised.

Truth will come forward and as is well known, not all are willing to listen to that very thing.
Stand together with love and know to stay anchored firmly in your own self. Have faith in yourself and transform your faith into action.

Much news is going to be revealed about Jesus and about his life more than 2000 years ago. Many are the illusions that emerged around him, his family and the twelve who followed him.

I am telling you, it is no coincidence when new motion pictures now again focus on Jesus Christ. This is according to the divine plan in which so many are partaking, it counts artists and politicians, teachers and scientists, healers and economists, yes from all areas indeed.

Do not be surprised when meeting the truth and starting to really SEE your surroundings in the light of truth. Walk quietly, speak low, observe and not least leave that be, that no longer appears to hold true value. Quite a few have good ability to wrap up darkness in a package of light. Feel the answer in your heart and do not fear to share the truth with others.

I am Sanat Kumara

Channelled by Birgit Elisabeth Friis Emdal 2004-04-24

White Buffalo Calf Woman 26.2 2004