Interwiew with Birgit Elisabeth Friis Emdal (B) about channeling. From the program “Danish Spirituality” on the local radio “Gladsaxe”, sent on 15.04 2003 (Copenhagen, 100,9 MHz, cable radio channel 95,2). Interwiewer: Thomas Halskov (T).

The title of this program is “Everybody is a Channel” and it is the first of three programs concerning channeling. This program shall first and foremost be about you and your personal experiences with channeling, and as I’m sure most people know, you work professionally with channeling, you have a spiritual “center of growth” called “Stjernen”, where you teach channeling. But first I shall ask you – if any listeners should be in doubt: What is channeling really?

Yes, I can answer that quite briefly, because channeling  is love!
I should expand on it a bit, for what is love? Love is God, God is love. So when you are channeling  it is the hearth-energy, it is the Divine energy, you are channeling. And everything happens to be energy, you and I are energy, and our higher selves, our souls who belong to the higher mental levels  are energy which you first start to contact when channeling, it is contacting one’s own soul, one’s own hearth. And when first you are there, there is also the possibility of contacting other energies like The Ascented Masters and Jesus-Sananda  as well as Kuthumi and whatever else they are called.

but Yes, because channeling is also about contacting definite personalities, who you can put a name on, right?

Yes, and some of them once upon a time lived on Earth but now exist on another level, a spiritual level. You can also channel somebody living on Earth - for instance Sai Baba – who is presently incarnated in India, and you can channel him too according to my experience.

How did you find out you were able to do channeling? You have mentioned three experiences from times gone by, that showed you that you could channel?

Yes, I had three or four experiences within a short span of time, reminding me what I was able to do, for of course it’s not something I have learned in any school, it’s just something I was always able to do, so I was not really aware of what I was actually doing back then.
Then at one point in my life – after I had started to hold lectures and teach – I felt a great urge to hold a lecture concerning channeling, what channeling is – for instance some people are trance-mediums, and I spoke on the basis of a few cuewords I had made. But after this lecture people came to me and said: ” Birgit, it was really weird you standing there and telling about this and that for I have had that on my mind all of last week or all day”. And I have had so much feedback on these things, and I had to go home and mull it over by myself how it could be that I was standing right there and telling something that people had thought about or were thinking there and then while I was lecturing? And then of course it dawned on me, that I had probably really been channeling, that is I had inspirations while I was standing there, mixed with my own concientious thoughts about what I knew about it. And not long after a woman came to my store, a woman I had never met before, who told me she was very interested in channeling and was teaching it. And then I became very interested for I thought she must know something or other about it. So I asked her, if we could have a little meeting, for I had an idea that I knew something about that, and I would like to be confirmed on that point.
And then we had a session where she told me how she did it, and I could easily recognise it – and “Hey, that is what I am doing too”. And then she asked me to try to channel, and so I did, and so she sat there with her eyes agog and said: “You are sitting there channeling away”. So that was the second confirmation of it. And then I got really curious. I was so curious that I thought: “This has to be tried out”. For there was no place I could turn to, yes I could have gone to this here woman, but I felt no need for that. I needed to be confirmed by other people, who did’nt know me and didn’t know anything about it. So I signed up for one of the big healthcare-venues.  And I was a bit doubtful about it, because I hadn’t really started, so I thought I had better bring a helping tool. So I brought my tarot-cards with me and I had taught myself what every single card meant. I learn quickly, so I thought: “I am going to say that I am sitting here reading tarot-cards”. I should say nothing about being clairvoyant or channeling – why say that? I wanted a confirmation on this point. So I went out there with them and sat there reading the cards, and they came to me in masses, and I could also tell that I was saying more than only what the card meant. I was telling what the card meant but there were also other words and messages for people. And I clearly recall a woman looking at me very surprised, saying: ” Why sitting there saying that about my friend? – are you a clairvoyant?” .  And then I became quite frightened and said: “ Well … Yes but I am”. Because I knew, that I was. I have always been able to look into the spirit world. I have been able to see both dead animals and humans, some of which I have known and others not. So I knew in my mind, that I could do this, but it was not something I was letting on ‘cause I didn’t need that. But she confirmed me also that I could do something, other people could use in some way. So I was very pleased with that.

Yes, and that was in a way my next question.  For properly speaking, you have what is called a natural talent. Because you have always had a connection with the spiritual world, already as a child, you told me.

Yes, back then I was reminded there was something else, than what you normally can see or hear.

But how did you feel about it, as a child, seeing those angles there, it’s not something normal children experience?

I can tell you a little story about that, for in the beginning I felt quite awful about it: I was away, visiting my grandparents, and there we were sleeping in a bedroom, my mother and father and my two siblings. And it was a very dark room, there wasn’t any real light outside as I was used to, so it was very dark. And I clearly remember, that one night I could see an angel standing at the foot of each bed in there. I saw it as a light, and I thought that it must be our guardian angles, for I had an idea that everyone has one like that, looking after you. And I was comfortable with that, because I thought it was nice, and they didn’t do anything, they didn’t say anything, I just saw them. And then I fell asleep and was happy about it, and the next day I told my parents about it. And they couldn’t relate to it at all, they said: “Don’t worry about it Birgit, it’s just the light from the street”. And then I started to get awfully nervous,                 
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